Design and manufacturing of a multifunction display, the so-called SAS module for British American Tobacco (BAT) products in the Czech Republic.


  • to design a SAS module with an LCD screen and efficient presentation area for BAT products
  • universal SAS module for installation in all types of newsstands
  • flexibility to change brand campaign
  • possibility to remotely mange LCD spots
  • possibility of LED light that adapts to individual brand colors


Due to time constraint, we opted out of standard procedures and instead of design, we presented the client with 3 real prototypes of the SAS module. From 3 variants, the client chose the version with best ability to use LCD and a premium area for brand presentation.


  • 50 pieces were made in the first stage, 100 in second
  • all SAS modules have now been in operation for 2 years
  • installation of a single SAS took under 10 minutes thanks to a patented holder we developed
  • in 2015, this product was awarded “Outstanding Project” at POPAI Awards of the Czech Republic

Project was completed in 2015

Názor klienta

Although I was not present at the creative process of this project, I can speak to its installation which was professional and smooth. The sharp LCD, which runs for about 16 hours a day, attracts the customer’s attention. There is also a colored RGB strip that frames the entire module as if it were a skim. However, I consider the biggest innovation to be the part with a rotating motor, which allows you to insert a product that then illuminates and spins. I consider this solution to be very innovative and unique on the market.

Zuzana Bártíková

POP&Merchandising Manager CEC, BAT

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