Designing a collection of stands for various networks of electronics stores for the presentation of the unique BRAUN MQ9 mixer with a patented chopping knife.


  • design a small universal stand for the presentation of MQ9
  • design a large counter stand with LCD for MQ9
  • design a gondola with space for several mixers of different packages


The design concept that we presented to the client was based on the identical design of flexible plastic material, special printing and a mirror platform for a better presentation of the cutting knife. In the premium version, we extended the product by an LCD and presentation of its whole range of accessories. The premium version also had an LED light attached to a plexiglass around the perimeter of the large display.


  • versatility of display made it possible to display the MQ9 in all electronics stores
  • production took place in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • the gondola was based on a large display, where we used wooden stand and glossy pedestal
  • in total, over 150 displays were produced in 5 different modifications per the client’s request
  • production took 30 days and installation 10 days
  • project was presented at 2016 POPAI Awards in the Czech Republic

Project was completed in 2016

Názor klienta

Retail of the Future combines creative ideas, unique design, innovative materials and a professional approach of the entire team. Despite the complexity of the project, thanks to these elements, we managed to create a unique collection of stands for the Braun MultiQuick 9 range of hand blenders for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The demanding and challenging installation in both markets went perfectly well. Communication during the entire project was seamless, and the product’s presentation at 2016 POPAI Awards is also a testament to the high quality of the collection.

Veronika Kuřinová

Braun Brand Manager, Czech Republic – Slovakia

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