The task of the project was to design and implement two stores in the historic wine region, Valtice, in southern Moravia. The old building underwent major reconstruction, where two separate spaces were created, in which the client wanted to set up a grocery and shoe store under his corporate brand "COOP".


  • propose design of shoe store (including furniture, lighting, floors and security systems)
  • incorporate atypical and unique foods of the Moravian region into the design (including branding, floors, colors, lighting, etc.)
  • execution of shoe and grocery stores at the same time


The design concept of the shoe store was developed by our team of designers. It was important to maintain the continuity of the pilot project that the client implemented 4 years ago in Pohořelice, when the store was awarded the POPAI AWARDS CR.

The design concept of the grocery store was developed in parallel by a team of architects. It was a demanding project in terms of meeting the requirements of the client, conservationists and other aspects. The result is an interesting concept of a grocery store in symbiosis with the history of the city, the wine region and the support of domestic products.


  • both projects were authored by ROTF teams
  • launch of projects was August 2016, handover March 2017
  • projects consisted of majority eco-friendly materials
  • some interior elements were custom made specifically for the client

Názor klienta

We primarily focus on the sale of food, drugstore and industrial goods. In addition, we operate three shoe stores offering modern and elegant footwear. Our goal with this project was to offer this assortment to customers in a modern environment while adhering to the existing elements of our other shoe stores. At the same time, the task was to link color design with the concept of a grocery store in a completely new concept using natural materials. Choosing the right partner was important to us and today, a few months after the opening of both stores, we can already say that together we managed to fulfill our most important goal, and that is a satisfied customer.

Zuzana Kormanová

Chief Executive Officer

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