The task was to create a timeless presentation concept for the DēLonghi brand for electronics store chains in the Czech Republic.


  • design a playtable for display of 6-8 coffee machines with accessories
  • design a premium stand for display of products and catalogue in one
  • design a branded pallet to hold product compartments


The design was inspired by the shape of the logo itself. Materials used consisted of flexible MDF, white laminate and LED lighting – plastic formed the basis of the playtable and stands.


  • We had 19 days from commissioning to installation
  • Project consisted of 5 people working 8-10 hours a day, including weekends
  • 25bm LED lights, 30bm cables, 2 screens and 300m2 of material was used for lighting
  • Weight of playtable was over 450kg

We are a team with unique skillsets that focuses on solutions instead of problems. This project was no exception to this approach.

Názor klienta

Another collaboration on projects for the DēLonghi brand with Retail of the Future that has been very smooth – we are always met with a proactive and innovative approach on ROTF’s part. Thanks to the creative ideas, unique design, flexibility and professional approach of the entire team, a number of premium DēLonghi brand materials have been created to boost our product presentation.

Dana Jirsíková (Schichmanová)

Brand Manager DēLonghi Czech Republic - Slovakia

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