The task of the project was to design and manufacture so called “gondola” for the presentation of OREO products. The project took the form of a tender, where the client specified the conditions of the final product through a brand manual.


  • to create a 3D design, a functional prototype and design a series of gondolas for OREO
  • ensure project adheres to global OREO branding
  • design the gondola so that its design and materials flow with the standard retail environment and are flexible in use
  • deemed an engaging and interactive presentation for children and adults
  • provided the client with an increase in sales
  • ensure the gondola is easy to move to another store location at any time while maintaining its service life


After the successful completion of the tender for the design, we produced a real prototype of the gondola and presented it to the client 20 days later.

The base of the gondola is based on the standard shelving system 2400x1280x600mm painted with a high-grade varnish and supplemented by LED light, 3D advertising and an interactive mouth with a motion sensor. The device that controls the mouth is designed in a safe way that does not harm customers wanting to interact with it.


  • project consisted of 2 designers and 4 developers
  • development of prototype took roughly 100 hours
  • installation in the Czech Republic and Slovakia consisted of over 4200km of driving in 10 days
  • in 9 months of the installation, no malfunctions were reported including LED light, gondola parts or audio effects

Project was completed in 2016

Názor klienta

The aim of the project was to activate multisensory elements with a focus on the key elements of the Oreo brand – particularly the experience and enjoyment it evokes. The objective was also to support the sale of new products and signature Oreo biscuits.

The result
Together with the Retail of the Future team, we managed to develop a completely unique in-store POSM solution – an Oreo module (Biscuit category) to highlight Oreo signature products and complementary categories. This Oreo module also acts as the template for the entire Biscuit category.

This unique solution leverages key consumer insights and the latest trends in POSM.

  • Premium materials including moving mouthpiece
  • "Biscuit crunch" sound when movement is detected through embedded motion sensors
  • Possibility of detecting height of consumers including children thanks to the installed sensory meter
  • Compact dimensions - fits into most aisles across modern chains

Václav Koucký

Mondelez International - Category / Snacking Activation Manager

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