Designer and breeder Tereza Janeckova, PhD had a vision for a mobile chicken coop since young age. Our objective was to bring to life a mobile chicken coop that would be easily as functional in urban environments.


  • to design a functional mobile chicken coop for a series
  • collaborate with the implementation team to build on existing prototypes
  • create a mobile chicken for both experienced and beginner breeders
  • present final project at UMPRUM museum in Prague


The objective was to first and foremost make the product functional. The chicken coop structure can be purchased in the form of a kit that allows for quick and intuitive assembly. The chicken coop is light, easy to move around and simple to assemble. A rabbit house is also available for purchase as an additional feature.




  • 3rd generation mobile chicken coop
  • light and insulated, can breed up to 10 chickens
  • functional in all types of terrain
  • run flat wheels
  • compact solution for chicken breeders
  • storage for organic eggs
  • light to carry; weighs 120kg
  • extra storage if need to turn into rabbit house
  • rooster photographed below was adopted by Ivan Bartoš from Pastvina Community Garden


Together with the Retail of the Future team we created a product that merged the innovative visions of both beginners and experienced chicken and rabbit breeders. The high-quality production merit, friendly approach and, above all, sophisticated and professional consultation process, created the first mobile chicken coop prototype that gives breeding a fresh meaning. The project was completed in cooperation with Product Designer Filip Mirbauer, builder, project manager and production director.

MgA. Tereza Janečková, Ph.D

Art Director Senior & Designer

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